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David Yarrow, Encounter

Winner of the Spear’s Book Award 2014 for Outstandingly Produced Book, and Winner of British Book Design & Production Award 2013 for Photographic Books, Art / Architecture Monographs.

Following the worldwide success of Nowhere, David’s next work is another global project, this time concentrating on the power of nature and the wild. Over three years in the making, Encounter spans the Asian, African, American, European and Antarctic continents.

There are many books on wildlife photography. The challenge now is to find new thresholds, rise to new heights and go the extra mile in extreme environments and at extreme times, in order to grab the viewer’s attention.This is what Encounter undoubtedly achieves.

David Yarrow started to show an interest in photography in his mid-teens. In 1986, while at Edinburgh University, he was named Young Scottish Photographer of the Year and later was sent to cover the World Cup. His picture of Maradona holding the Cup is still published on a regular basis. He then embarked on a career in asset management which he successfully continues today, and is now a Getty Affiliated photographer – his shark predation image was printed in over 70 newspapers and magazines across the world.

David Yarrow

Afmetingen 32x443x377 mm

Gewicht 3,17 kg

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Afmetingen	32x443x377 mm
Gewicht	3,17 kg